Strengthening Resources Integration and Innovating Service Mode Liaoyuan People's Government Portal Website Listed in the 20th Nationwide Among Municipal Government Website
2017-11-29 09:51     Source:Liaoyuan City People's Government Portal Website

2017 "Internet + Intelligent China Annual Conference" sponsored by the Information Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was held in Beijing on November 23, The conference focused on the top 10 innovation figures of China's Internet + Government in 2017, the results of the third term of the Internet + Government Top50, and the results of the 2017 China Government website performance evaluation. The standard of the 2017 China Government website performance evaluation was divided into 4 aspects, totally 19 items. Liaoyuan people's government portal website listed in the 20th nationwide among municipal government website due to outstanding work performance on 3 aspects of government affairs, interactive response and innovation development. It was the highest ranking for Liaoyuan in these years, 151 ranking progress higher than last year, and obtained No.1 in the prefecture-level cities’ government portal website performance evaluation in northeast area of China .It was also another National Honor after the 2017 Top1 of China Government Website New Media Influence Power in Jilin Province which gained in the 7th China Government Portal Website Development Forum this month. At the same time, Liaoyuan City “Menu" Internet + Government Services’ Platform launched by Liaoyuan people's government portal website won the award of " the third term of the Internet + Government Top50" due to the integration of resources, accurate information release and board range of services.

Since the start of the year, Liaoyuan comprehensively implement the spirit of“Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Guidelines for the Development of Government Website”(2017)(No.47)and the relatives requirements and work arrangements of the Provincial Government Office on accomplish the work of establishing government portal website. Combining with Liaoyuan local practice and taking the opportunity of the government affairs service network establishing, integrate network resources of districts, counties and departments, innovate service model, insist on 5 standards, build 5 platforms, strengthen the construction of the government portal website: adhere to the platform standards; make an intensive and efficient standing group service platform; adhere to the convenience standards, create the integration and sharing government affairs service platform; adhere to the collaborative standards, form an safe and stable government services cloud platform; adhere to the diversified standards, create the "walking portal" service platform which integrates the mobile version of government website, mobile APP and Liaoyuan Administration WeChat Micro-blog; adhere to the  precision standards, build the "menu" service platform of service for individual, enterprise and tourists, so that the people could really have the sense of obtainment, happiness and satisfaction in the government service.

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