Provincial and Municipal Leaders Visit Our City Exhibition Hall
2017-12-18 11:16     Source:Liaoyuan Daily

The Second China·Jilin International Ice and Snow Tourism Industry Expo opened

The 2nd China·Jilin International Ice and Snow Tourism Industry Expo and the 23rd International Rime Ice and Snow Festival opened in Jilin on December 15. Wang Liping, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Mayor of Liaoyuan , and Bai Sanying, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Liaoyuan Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Liaoyuan  attended the opening ceremony and related activities.

There were more than 50 representatives of ice and snow city, many well-known international travel agents and representatives of tourism enterprise, came from 25 countries and regions, to participate in the expo. The purpose of it was to integrate the ice and snow resources, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and further strengthen the snow and ice tourism industry of our province.  There were indoor and outdoor exhibition areas to respectively show urban snow and ice resources, professional snow and ice equipment, northern farming civilization, the kanto cuisine, the kanto specialty, souvenirs and so on. There were 9 city prefectures of our province and representative scenic areas, firms, snow and ice resources in Changbaishan, Mei Hekou and Gong Zhuling to participate in the exhibition.
Before the beginning of the opening ceremony, Wang Liping and Bai Sanying accompanied provincial leaders and guests to look over our city hall. Wang Liping fully affirmed the preparatory work of our city. He stressed that we should take advantages of the “Snow Expo” platform and carrier, launch travel brands, establish the image of our city, show Liaoyuan characteristics, and broaden the horizon of development; we should achieve the fully potential value of tourism products, make deeper development of Liaoyuan characteristics tourism resources derivatives, such as Dongfeng farmer painting, Dongliao paper cuttings, Longquanchun Liquor and so on, to make it an effective way of tourism culture dissemination, tourism market development and city image-building; we should thoroughly implement the important directives and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, which was "world of ice and snow are also invaluable assets". According to the arrangement of the provincial party committee and government to develop the snow economic and accelerate the snow for assets, with the help of the carrier of "Liaoyuan Ice Carnival", deep develop snow and ice resources of our city, promote influence and popularity of our snow and ice tourism brands. We will further deepen tourism exchanges and cooperation with other provinces, cities and districts, further enhance the environment and supporting services for snow and ice tourism, and promote the healthy development of our ice and snow tourism industry.
It is understood that our city's theme of this year’s "Snow Expo" is" Healthy Land, Ecological Liaoyuan" with five exhibition halls of Ecological Liaoyuan, Leisure Liaoyuan, Music and Painting Liaoyuan, Health Preservation Liaoyuan, Gourmet Liaoyuan and with Kuixing Tower, Farmer Painting, Pipa, Sika Deer, Paper-cut, Cotton Socks and other representative tourism elements as the image design of the pavilion. There were nearly 20 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and more than 100 kinds of tourism products were displayed in the exhibition. 


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