Liaoyuan City Actively Carry Out the Registration of Universal Coverage of Social Insurance
2017-10-09 08:21     Source:Liaoyuan Daily Newspaper Gou Tieying

In order to accelerate the realization of the goal of universal coverage of social insurance, promote the sustainable development of the social insurance system, promote and improve the social security system which is shared by people and equity to people, several measures have been taken by the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau to actively do a good job in the registration of the whole people.

To strengthen organizational leadership, define measures for the target assessment and management, establish a mechanism for work supervision and organize training at all levels, a contact conference system for the universal coverage of social insurance registration scheme has been established, and a leading group for the universal coverage of social insurance registration scheme has been established. We step up publicity efforts, formulate publicity outlines for the implementation of the national insurance registration plan, print publicity materials such as the Announcement on the Publicity of Nationwide Insurance Registration, the Public Letter to Urban and Rural Residents of the Municipality, the Announcement on the Investigation and Investigation of Urban Residents Participating in the National Insurance Registration, and jointly publicize with the Liaoyuan Daily News Agency, Liaoyuan Radio and Television Station and other departments. At the same time, the distribution of publicity materials and the launch of an advertising vehicle to conduct extensive publicity, so as to make the registration of the entire population well-known and well-received. In order to ensure the accuracy of the information, the resident investigators go to the villages to carry out the information registration work, and input the information into the uploading process in time to guarantee the quality of the information. The registration of the entire population is carried out in a vigorous and orderly manner. 

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