Liaoyuan City Employment and Social Security Work Goal Well Completed in the First Three Quarters of 2017
2017-09-15 08:17     Source:the City Employment Bureau Hu Xiaobo

Liaoyuan municipal employment service system worked in a down-to-earth manner, paid attention to the implementation of responsibilities, over fulfilled the targets of employment and social security work and kept good employment situation by adopting measures such as actively implementing the employment policy, increasing the employment assistance of difficult groups, and improving the level of public employment services from January to September.

The number of new urban employment has steadily increased. The city has completed 135 percent of the annual task of 33000 people by finishing the increased 44.6 thousands new jobs in cities and towns; the efforts to the re-employment in difficult groups have increased. The city has completed 138.5 percent of the annual task of 6000 persons by finishing re-employment of 8307 unemployed workers. The number of reemploy laid-off workers was 4267, and completed 142.2 percent of the annual task of 3000.100% finished the dynamic assistance to the " zero employment family ". Speeding up the process of rural labor transfer, the number of the transfer of rural labor is 181,041, and the completion of the annual task of 170,000 people is 106.5 %; all kinds of training have got remarkable achievements. The city has completed 120% of the annual task of 4700 people by training 5641 persons of rural labor skills and 131.4 % of the annual task of 3700 people by 4860 people enterprise training. The financial support for venture capital has increased. Entrepreneurial loans issued 55.05 million yuan, finishing 96.6% of the completion of the annual task of 57 million yuan. 

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