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Liaoyuan is a harmonious city suitable to live in. The forest coverage rate of the whole city is 33%. The quantity of days with the good air in the urban area is kept to be about 310. The construction of the city changes rapidly. Remarkable achievements have been made in creating the provincial-level garden city, clean city, ecological city and national-level civilized city and environmental protection model city and the functional grade of the city has been continuously improved. The projects benefiting people have been steadily advanced, the endowment and unemployment insurance coverage and new rural cooperative medical insurance participation rate and urban medical insurance participation rate have reached more than 90% and the urban unemployment registration rate is controlled to be 3.4%. The city has actively innovated the social governance and people’s sense of safety and satisfaction has been obviously increased. Liaoyuan has become the only area winning the national city of acting bravely for just causes for consecutive 5 years.

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