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Liaoyuan has the good momentum of economic development. The city insists in the integration of “plus, minus, subtraction and multiplication”, achieves anything from nothing and new things from anything and recreates the new industrial support system. The agricultural products deep-processing and equipment manufacturing, the two dominant industries account for 57.5% of the industries above the scale and high precision aluminum machining, textile stocking industry, medical health, egg products processing and new energy, the five characteristic advantageous industries account for 19.2%. The development of 10 industrial clusters including the textile stocking industry has been accelerated. High precision aluminum machining had reached world advanced level. High-speed rail body sheet held domestic market share above 50%.The scale of the cotton stocking industry ranks 1st in the whole country, with the annual output value of more than 1 million yuan and the development pattern of “Zhuji in the south and Liaoyuan in the north” has been established. Some modern service industries such as business, trade and logistics, information consultation and e-commerce, etc. have developed rapidly. The construction of the smart city has been accelerated. Liaoyuan E-commerce Park and Alibaba Liaoyuan Industry have been opened and operated. Liaoyuan won the potential prize of the most investment value of the “Smart Cities” of China in 2015. The quality and speed of development of the nongovernmental economy have been increased and the growth rates of all the indexes rank in the first place in the whole province. The opening to the outside has been continuously strengthened and the aluminum extruded section and stocking industry provincial-level export bases have been cultivated. By the end of 2015, the GDP, full-bore financial income, investment in fixed-assets of the whole society and total retail volume of social consumer goods reach 75.006 billion yuan, 4.206 billion yuan, 61.3 billion yuan and 20.674 billion yuan, a growth of 7%, 6.4%, 13.5% and 9.4%, respectively. The disposable income of the permanent residents in the urban and rural areas per capita grows by 6.7% and 4.5%, respectively. The growth rates of the multiple indexes rank in the first place in the whole province. Xinhua News Agency regards Liaoyuan as the national model of economic structural adjustment among the resource-based cities and deeply explains “Liaoyuan Phenomenon” in the mode of full media. The Standing Conference of the State Council supervises the honor to Liaoyuan City and gives 6 encouragement measures such as special construction funds and exemption from inspection in the supervision year, etc.

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