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Liaoyuan City is located in the central and south part of Jilin Province, with the total area of 5140km2, including the completed urban area of 46km2. Under the city are Dongfeng County, Dongliao County, Longshan District, Xi’an District and 1 provincial-level economic development zone, with the total population of 1.3 million, including the population of 0.5 million in the urban area. It is an important node city in the central part of Jilin Province and the urban agglomeration of Harbin and Changchun, the pilot city of the first batch of national “Smart Cities”, national pilot city with the information benefiting people, national land intensive conservation and utilization model city and national advanced entrepreneurship city.

No.1485 Renmin Street,Longshan District,Liaoyuan,Jilin Province,China
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