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Liaoyuan Municipality welcomes visitors from Beijing
2015-11-17 13:55     Source:dcz-China website

During the first Steering Committee Meeting on November 17, 2015, it was agreed that the German-Chinese Agricultural Center (DCZ) could make contributions to the development of ecological agriculture in Jilin Province in the scope of its mandate. The Agricultural Policy Dialogue (APD) of the DCZ, for instance, may deal with topics related to the development of sustainable agriculture in China, which are also of interest to Jilin. The “Ecological Agricultural Project in Liaoyuan” can thus serve as a case for the APD component.

On May 23-25, 2016, the DCZ organized a trip for Chinese and German agricultural policy experts to the project region in Liaoyuan Municipality, so that they can learn about the project’s status quo, measures and challenges. The group comprised four Chinese experts from the Research Center for Rural Economy (RCRE), two German experts from Hohenheim University, two representatives from the FECC and three representatives from the GIZ. During the one and a half-day trip, experts not only visited farmers households, farmer cooperatives and agricultural companies in the project region, but also discussed with local government authorities and agricultural producer representatives about their approaches and future plans.

Liaoyuan Municipality has been in general encountering problems of non-point agricultural pollution due to intensive conventional agriculture and monoculture cropping system. The Liaoyuan local government, therefore, intends addressing this problem by introducing organic agriculture in accordance with EU organic standards in the project region of Liaoheyuan Township, Dongliao County in the Liaoyuan Municipality. Its final objective is to develop one of the biggest organic agriculture areas in China, thereby improving farmers’ income and improving the environment in the region. So far, eight agricultural cooperatives or enterprises have started their business on 3,800 hectares of project key areas, which cover various agricultural activities, such as organic fertilizer producing, crop production, animal husbandry, forage processing and fungi production. Meanwhile, the local government has fostered land transfer by providing subsidies of 400 CNY per mu per year, when aforementioned agricultural cooperatives or enterprises are renting land from individual farmers households. Relevant local government projects, e.g. “Well-facilitated Farming Land Project” have been preferentially carried out in this project region as well.

March 21-22, 2016 Members of the DCZ met with representatives of Liaoyuan city administration and their party organization on a field excursion to Northeast Jilin Province. The local government of Liaoyuan is planning a large ecological agricultural project in a 440 km2 area of high significance for their water supply and soil resources. The local program is part of the National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone scheme receiving funding directly from the MOA. With the help of ecological farming methods it is intended to transform the current high input maize farming practice into more resource-conserving and environment-friendly agriculture, thereby improving the water and soil quality and to further enhance the regional development.

The DCZ intends to take up selected topics of the Jilin project proposal, such as the assessment of agricultural policy instruments for sustainable farming and ecological production. In the framework of the Agricultural Policy Dialogue (APD) component they will provide practical aspects, which will enrich the conceptual debate of the bilateral policy dialogue. 

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